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Kathy Bowers



With 38 years in Fort McMurray, I call Fort McMurray my home. Moving from Ontario with my family in 1981 to where we once thought the roads were paved with gold. There was a one to 20 ratio with woman to men. So as a teenager, I did not have a lot of freedom. I kept myself busy by playing a lot of sports, while holding down 3 jobs. It wasn’t soon after I graduated, I landed a job at Syncrude. Every Fort Mac kid’s dream was to get a job at Syncrude. After getting a taste of job security, before I knew it I was married and buying a house (oh wait, it was the other way around)he he. After my first child was 8mths old, I had a hard time working and leaving my child with someone else and missing out on all his first, I decided to call it quits. I started my own cleaning company and found I loved working for myself. After 10 years, I sold the company and dabbled in social work and marketing for a local restaurant. When I was asked to tour potential employees for a few of the oils companies, I soon found myself assisting with company housing. I also managed 7 apartment buildings for a distant owner. Before I knew it, I was licensed and then took it once step further and purchased my own brokerage. I may have also done that backyards but more of a reason to speed up the process to obtain the brokers license. Since that day, almost 12 years ago, I have since added condo management and a expanded wealth of property management knowledge. As I continue to grow with a spectacular team of individuals, I also continue to learn and grow. Key is surrounding yourself with qualified people and although I made some poor choices in the beginning, I gained the confidence to know who was qualified to be with me on this crazy ride of property management. What’s in the future? More growth and like minded people who enjoy working for a business that is so versatile. I like to call it “One Stop Shopping”.

Both my children were born and raised in Fort McMurray. I now get to experience the joy of being a grandmother to two beautiful busy boys. I can be having the most horrible day and they bring those two precious boys around and soon I forget all my stress. They even have their own office at “The Bowers Group” There are also two little critters that will greet you at the front doors of the office. If you come in to the office in a bad mood, your mood will change after meeting Charlie and Macie. Come out to visit us and check out all the services we have to offer.

Our Community

Locally owned and operated "The Bowers Group" has been Involved in supporting several community non-profit events. Always willing to help in anyway we can to support the community.

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